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A Silence Played in Dolby Surround

more images comming soon FASHION DESIGNER: Halina Mrożek Model: Monika Partyka [Spectro Models] Mua: Ula Wilgierz Hair: Ewa Warmuz [Kiss Pariss] in cooperation with Dom Concept Store Advertisements

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Space Reigns Supreme part I

FASHION DESIGNER: Halina Mrożek MODELS:  Raito_d  and Monika Partyka MAKE UP ARTIST: Ula Wilgierz HAIR: Ewa Warmuz IN COOPERATION  with  Dom Concept Store

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Feels just like it should

MODEL: GRZEGORZ S. Agencja Fashion Colour

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Rough cut_ backstage

This session took place in Dom Concept Store I treat it completly personal. It holds a part of my soul and my theme . Sure, I made a lot of mistakes which are easy to notice,  but…first always goes soul not technic. I am seriously … Continue reading

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